Official Moxy Updates (to date)

Hello Moxyans,

Below is an easy to reference list of all important updates to date.

Note: NFT updates are not included. Information regarding Moxy NFTs can be found on our website.

March 9, 2022:

Hello All Moxyans,

Moxy Club access will launch March 31’st, 2022. There are a few important things to note regarding this launch.

1 — Limited Initial Access: On March 31’st, will allow all pre-registered users (along with new users) to complete their profile and login to Moxy Club. Each preregistered club member will have up until April 13’th to complete their profile and KYC information to secure their spot as part of the 1’st or 2’nd NFT drop. Any member who does not complete their profile and KYC information during that time will forfeit their spot to the next club member in line. Functionality in Moxy Club will be limited during this time with the primary goal to verify all club members prior to April 15’th. Please note, there is a one time $5 membership fee, when paid your KYC process will be initiated.

2 — Token Launch Date / Token Generation Event (TGE): April 15’th will be the official launch date of Moxy Token. At this time the full features of Moxy Club will be released, the 1’st NFT drop will happen for the first 10,000 members and the public pre-sale will commence (more details on this to come soon).

3 — Proof of Play: On April 15’th the first few games will be made available to Moxy Club members to play and earn Proof of Play rewards.

There are a number of events scheduled after launch that we will announce soon: IDO, launch of first fully enabled Play & Earn games, announcement of new games coming, Moxy Forge API stack made available to the gaming industry, first voting event, first masterclass event and much more!

Our focus for the next few weeks will be to keep everyone informed on how they can complete their profile and KYC information prior to April 13’th to be ready for TGE on the 15’th.


The Moxy Team.

  • Derek Rathbun, COO

February 24, 2022:

Moxy is proud to announce final submission to Flow for go-live audit so Moxy can move to MainNet. Submission will be this weekend.

The Moxy token ecosystem is functional as per the whitepaper achieving some industry firsts. Our Proof of Play algorithm is fully functional and working with 2 games currently as part of our testing.
Proof of Play is Live and is tracking meaningful gameplay on chain and will provide real world rewards to Moxy Club Members upon launch.
PLAY token powering Proof of Play — functional
SCORE token powering Proof of Play payments to Moxy Club Members — functional

Next up is our Play & Earn (P&E) API stack that we will make available to developer guilds in April. P&E is different than P2E, stay tuned for more detail as we will be releasing articles explaining the difference.
P&E is a game changer. It changes the paradigm away from traditional Play to Earn (Grind to Earn? ;) ) to actual engaging, fun, and competitive gameplay for traditional titles and genres versus “Blockchain Games”

Huge industry firsts:
Proof of Play (PoP)
Play & Earn (P&E)

We have received preliminary approval on our legal Opinion Letter for token utility. This is USA + SEC based so no small feat!!!! This allows Moxy to be free to operate in markets like Canada and the USA.

Stay tuned as we will reveal more about P&E, participating games and partnerships that have already been solidified.

Thank you to all my fellow Moxyans. We’re here for this community and we’re laser focused on delivering the very best experience at launch. We couldn’t do this without you.

  • Matt deFouw, CEO

February 1, 2022:

Hello Moxyverse and Happy Lunar New Year to all Moxyans!

Major update for all Moxyans:

Huge: We are in the final stages of signing key partners who will be instrumental with our launch and subsequent ecosystem growth.
These partners are monumental and I cannot wait to announce who they are to all inhabitants of the Moxyverse and it’s league of Moxyans… That announcement will be coming soon…

Legal: We are in the final stages of the process required to obtain our US legal opinion that will ensure we are compliant and there is zero question that Moxy is a utility token.

Compliance: Moxy is focused on getting everyone involved… even in North America and Western Europe. Moxy is committed to regulatory compliance and working as hard as we can to allow every Moxyan to be a part of the Moxyverse: no matter which legal jurisdiction they live in.

Launch: In light of the timing surrounding Lunar New Year, the current state of the crypto landscape, and the sage wisdom of our advisors and partners, we have decided to move launch to ensure stability and ecosystem success.

All of us at Moxy are so happy to have such an amazing community around us.

Moxy is by gamers, and for gamers…. we are all Moxyans.

(I literally can’t wait to announce the new partnerships) ;)

  • Matt deFouw, CEO

January 14, 2022:

More great news. The Moxyverse just grew by leaps and bounds. Moxy welcomes Steve Crocker to the Moxy Advisory board.

Steve is one of the foundational creators of the internet itself and an inductee to the Internet Hall of Fame.

With a team like this, Moxy will bring the true promise of Web 3.0 into reality.

Moxy is just getting started, and there’s much more to come….

  • Matt deFouw, CEO

January 13, 2022:

I know this community loves announcements, so here’s a really big one that we’re all really proud of.

Moxy would like to welcome Yida Gao and his firm Shima Capital as our lead and anchor investor.

Welcome Yida Gao… Great to have you in the Moxy family and as a fellow Moxyan.

More great announcements to come.

  • Matt deFouw, CEO

December 29, 2021:

All Moxyans, a quick update for everyone. We have surpassed the 10k Moxy Club signup. Due to the large response we are going to do another NFT promotion for members 10,001 to 99,999. We will post details on next week along with a sneak peak at the first 10k NFT drop… Stay Tuned!

  • Jonny Crypto, Moderator

December 15, 2021:

Moxy Club Pre-Registration is now live! The first 10,000 registrants get an exclusive NFT at launch and are invited to participate in the public pre-sale. Club pre-registration is now available. The Moxy website is also available to view. This group will get first access as we won’t be sharing the link outside of this room until tomorrow. Welcome to the Club everyone!

  • Matt deFouw, CEO



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