A New Paradigm: Proof of Play

Moxy.io is leveraging blockchain native technologies to introduce a new paradigm for gamers and developers: Proof of Play™. This innovation differentiates Moxy from other ecosystems relying solely on the current Proof of Stake and Proof of Work designs for their rewards and incentivization models, and empower game builders with new tools. Proof of Play™ rewards users that spend time playing their favorite titles inside of the Moxy Ecosystem. This system benefits developers, publishers, and gamers alike.

General Overview

Proof of Play™ rewards are:

  • A fundamental form of Play & Earn
  • Earned when users spend time playing Moxy titles
  • Generated by each player’s activity inside of the Moxy Ecosystem
  • Powered by a unique sub-token called PLAY
  • Generated based on user engagement, loyalty, and participation; improving the ecosystem as a whole
  • Distributed based on a users’ holdings of a unique sub-token called SCORE, acquired through user engagement
  • Different from Play and Earn rewards; Proof of Play rewards engagement and love of the game, rather than pure skill, experience, and intelligent decision making
  • Distributed daily to Moxy Club members
  • An original and innovative concept being brought to the market by the Moxy Platform

How does it work?

  • Everyday active and engaged Moxy Club members will be rewarded a sub-token called SCORE, based on a user’s participation within the ecosystem that day. This is the primary method for which a users’ Proof of Play™ rewards are distributed inside of the ecosystem. Proof of Play™ creates new MOX tokens and is an inflationary mechanism within the Moxy ecosystem. These new tokens are created based on the balance of the global PLAY wallet. SCORE is a sub-token that determines how much individual rewards each user receives from the PLAY wallet every day.

What determines Proof of Play payments?

The three metrics that determine a users Proof of Play™ payment are:

  • Total SCORE acquired through engagement
  • Change in SCORE over a 24-hour period
  • Donation Level Progression

These metrics are explained in greater detail on pages 19 & 20 in Moxy’s Whitepaper

Which actions reward SCORE?

MOX token holders are rewarded SCORE by participating in various actions inside of the ecosystem. These actions include, but are not limited to:

  • Referring friends to Moxy Club; growing the community
  • Playing games inside of the Moxyverse; bettering the gaming experience for all
  • Participating in various Moxy events
  • Alpha & Beta testing Moxy’s newest titles
  • Creating community content & NFTs; bringing new ideas to play
  • Engaging in the Moxy community by voting on Moxy Launch projects; make your voice heard
  • Funding projects (purchases from treasury sales)
  • Total time on game (not AFK); nobody likes bots
  • Becoming Moxy Certified or Verified; proving loyalty to the ecosystem
  • Completing Master Classes hosted by various industry veterans

The amount of SCORE a user accumulates determines the amount of Proof of Play™ rewards a user receives.

What does this mean?

Proof of Play™ allows for an ecosystem wide reward system to be established, which will:

  • Enable publishers to ‘plug and play’ blockchain technology
  • Centralize rewards across multiple games
  • Unite separate game communities inside of a larger ecosystem
  • Incentivize large and small stakeholders alike
  • Encourage players to remain engaged and loyal
  • Reward based on love of the game, rather than pure skill and experience
  • Allow games to implement their own Play & Earn metrics, as well as the existing Proof of Play™ model


As user reward models are being adopted and implemented by game publishers at record high rates, Moxy.io is introducing Proof of Play™ as the blockchain solution to the problems posed by the current models; utilizing this user incentivization in order bring revolutionary creative content and ideas to the Moxyverse.

A more in depth explanation of Proof of Play™ can be found in Moxy’s whitepaper



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